VIR Legends Ep. 4 - Dr. Barry Katzen

Episode 4 June 04, 2023 00:26:54
VIR Legends Ep. 4 - Dr. Barry Katzen
The Sound of IR Podcast
VIR Legends Ep. 4 - Dr. Barry Katzen

Jun 04 2023 | 00:26:54


Show Notes

In the finale of our VIR Legends series, hosts Eric Cyphers, MS4 & Subhash Gutti, MD interview Dr. Barry Katzen about his experience as founder of the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute (MCVI), creator of the International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET), and pioneer of Clinical VIR.

Host: Eric Cyphers (@Eric_Cyphers) & Subhash Gutti (@Subhash_Gutti)

Guest: Dr. Barry Katzen (@DrBTKatzen)

Technical Editing: Subhash Gutti (@Subhash_Gutti)

PR & Graphic Design: Subhash Gutti (@Subhash_Gutti) & Sunny Murthy (@Sunny_Murthy)

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