Biodesign Competition

Episode 2 October 01, 2023 00:33:40
Biodesign Competition
The Sound of IR Podcast
Biodesign Competition

Oct 01 2023 | 00:33:40


Show Notes

Trying to find ways to get involved in IR? Interested in biodesign?  In this episode of the Sound of IR, Steve Lazar, M4 at VCU SOM and Pareena Sharma, M3 at Medical College of Georgia, speak with the winners from the 2022-2023 SIR Biodesign Competition.

Hosts: Steve Lazar (@SteveLazarMed) and Pareena Sharma

Guests: Cailin O’Connell, Glori Das, Rohan Patil

Narration & Editing: Steve Lazar (@SteveLazarMed)

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